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Tung Chung Swimming Pool

Tung Chung Swimming Pool

The striking roof of the Tung Chung Public Swimming Pool Complex

The striking roof of the Tung Chung Public Swimming Pool Complex The Indoor Caltite System pool The outdoor training Caltite pool Open for evening use, the suspended outdoor Caltite pool The tranquility is enhanced by the knowledge that the Caltite pool will never require replacement of "waterproof' membranes.

Tung Chung Swimming Pool

Completion Date: Oct 11, 2010
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Architect: Ronald Lu & Partners (HK) Ltd.
Contractor: The Second Engineering Bureau of China Railway Tunnel Group
Structural engineer: Mott Connell Ltd.
Products Used: Everdure Caltite
Address: 5 Tat Tung Road Tung Chung, Hong Kong, ,
Where Used: Pools & Tanks
  This striking public facility is set along the coast and it offers a 50-meter heated indoor-pool and a 25-meter teaching pool. Both pools are suspended concrete and so rely on the Cementaid Everdure Caltite System to deliver permanently DRY performance, maintenance-free, over full design life, and totally without membranes. The overhead structure's aerodynamic shell consists of a double-layer PTFE membrane stretched over a lightweight long-span steel truss structure. This facade serves as a green building envelope that allows natural daylight to illuminate the building. A layer of insulating air trapped between the double-layer membrane helps to regulate the interior climate, and the roof also encourages natural ventilation. Four-meter-high transparent roller shutters along the poolside can be fully opened in fair weather conditions. When the shutters are closed throughout the winter the integrated ventilation duct works in the roof trusses above the pool supply warm air to create a comfortable interior climate and to avoid condensation.

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